4 Services Performed At Eye Clinics

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Eye care allows people of all ages to prevent and treat eye diseases. It also ensures that people have the tools they need to see clearly. You can have your vision and your family's vision checked by an optometrist at an eye clinic near you.

These are four services performed at eye clinics:

1. Childhood Eye Exams

It's not uncommon for vision problems to manifest in childhood. A parent's first indication that their child is unable to see clearly may be a teacher's report that their child squints at the chalkboard or the fact that their child habitually sits close to the television. Kids often don't have the necessary frame of reference to complain of vision problems. That's why childhood eye exams are so important. Kids should be regularly examined by an eye doctor, so any visual acuity problems can be diagnosed as soon as possible. It's especially important for children to attend regular eye exams if one or both of their parents need glasses.

2. Adult Eye Exams

Optometrists can also perform eye exams for adults. Many people can benefit from annual eye exams, which allow eye doctors to track changes in a person's glasses and contact prescriptions. Routine eye exams also allow eye doctors to examine the structure of the eye, from the cornea to the optic nerve. Eye doctors can diagnose changes in the eye that occur due to diseases like hypertension and glaucoma. Many of these changes can cause irreversible vision loss, which is why frequent screening is ideal.

3. Dry Eye Treatment

Optometrists can prescribe glasses and contacts for patients of all ages. However, nearsightedness and farsightedness are not the only conditions that an optometrist can treat. Optometrists can also provide dry eye treatment for people who experience chronic discomfort due to dry eyes. An optometrist can diagnose the cause of your dry eyes and use that information to treat you accordingly. Your treatment may involve medicated or non-medicated eye drops, moisturizing eye gels, or tear duct plugs. Depending on the severity of your dry eyes, your optometrist may suggest a combination of these treatments.

4. Eye Infection Treatment

Eye infections can occur when bacteria, fungi, or viruses enter the eye. Some infections, such as styes, primarily affect the inner eyelids, while other infections, like pink eye, affect the eye itself. Optometrists can diagnose eye infections and prescribe the appropriate treatments. Sometimes, as in the case of styes, warm compresses and rest are all that you need. In other cases, optometrists may need to drain lesions or prescribe antibiotics.

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