3 Things To Know About Eye Exams

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Eye exams are not only necessary for checking your vision; they are also needed to detect eye diseases. Regular eye exams are crucial for evaluating your overall eye health, and they aren't something you want to skip. Your optometrist will use various instruments and techniques to assess your vision and check on your eye health during an eye exam. Here are three things you need to know about eye exams. 

How Often You Need Them

Knowing how often you need eye exams is crucial, but it varies depending on a few factors. Your age, health conditions, and risk of developing vision problems impact how frequently you need eye exams. Most doctors suggest eye exams every two years for those under the age of 40 and one to two years if you are over 40. If you have vision changes, you will want to seek an eye exam as soon as possible, even if you are not due for one. If you have certain medical conditions, like diabetes, you may require more frequent eye exams. 

What They Cost

Another thing you should know about eye exams is how much they cost. What you pay for an eye exam will depend on where you get the exam, what the exam includes, and whether you have insurance. On average, you'll pay $114 for an eye exam without insurance. If you have insurance, you'll likely pay a copay ranging from $5 to $35. If you require eye correction in the form of glasses or contacts, your costs will also vary depending on whether you have insurance. 

Where To Get Them

Knowing where to get an eye exam is also crucial. There are plenty of eye exam centers that offer these services but finding the right fit will require some research. Friends and family can provide recommendations, as can your primary care doctor. If you have insurance, make sure you look for approved doctors before scheduling an exam. It's also important to note that optometrists and ophthalmologists offer eye exams. If you have serious eye problems, an ophthalmologist may provide treatments that your optometrist does not. 

Eye exams are necessary for healthy vision and eyes. Here's what to know about eye exams. First, most people require eye exams at least every few years or when they notice changes in their vision. Second, the cost of an eye exam will depend on whether you have insurance and who is performing the exam. Finally, many doctors offer eye exams, and eye exam centers are a great place to start. 

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