Common Eye Health Questions And Answers For Diabetic Patients

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Diabetes is a serious condition, but it is one that is often underestimated by those that suffer from it. For example, many patients will neglect the severe consequences that diabetes can have on their eye health.

How Can Your Diabetes Impact Your Eye Health?

Among the most common problems that diabetes can create for a patient's eyes will be causing there to be excessive pressure in the eye. This can lead to the tissue that is responsible for allowing you to see becoming damaged or destroyed. Unfortunately, this can lead to irreversible impacts to your eyesight that can range from slight impairment to total blindness. Sadly, patients that are not aware of this potential threat may not realize that there is a problem developing with their eyesight until extensive damage has already occurred. This can be a result of these problems developing gradually over time, and some patients may notice deteriorating vision but fail to connect it with their diabetes.

Are There Diabetic Eye Treatment Options?

One of the potential causes of the pressure in the eyes increasing can be due to fluid from the blood vessels in the eyes leaking. Over time, this can cause pressure in the eyes to steadily rise to a point where permanent damage occurs. Luckily, there are several treatment options available. Among the least invasive will be using eye drops that can help to reduce the pressure in the eyes. Some patients will need to undergo surgery in order to address this problem. While surgery can be stressful to undergo, this will be a relatively simple outpatient procedure. This is possible through the use of lasers that can allow the surgeon to treat the blood vessels that may be leaking fluid by causing a layer of scar tissue to form.

Will The Benefits Of Diabetic Eye Treatments Be Permanent?

Typically, patients that undergo laser-based diabetic eye treatments will be able to expect the benefits to be long-lasting. However, it can be possible for a patient to need to undergo this procedure again in the future as their condition changes. For example, it could be possible for additional blood vessels in the eyes to start leaking fluids or to start swelling. As a result, these new problem areas will need to be treated once they develop. As a result of this reality, patients should continue to receive regular eye examinations so that they will know when the pressure in their eyes starts to increase or they develop an enlarged blood vessel.

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