What Can Your Optometrist Do About Your Sensitive Eyes?

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Having sensitive eyes is no fun. Whether your eyes are dry all the time or they water with the single exposure to a breeze or light, sensitive eyes become something your optometrist should be aware of. What can your optometrist do about your sensitive eyes? Use this guide to assist you in having healthier vision and more comfortable eyes.

They can change out your contact prescription

If you have sensitive eyes due to wearing contact lenses, your eye doctor can help with this. A doctor of optometry is able to prescribe any type of available contact lens to their patients, including those who have eye sensitivities, so make sure your optometrist is aware that your contacts are hurting your eyes or making them sore and itchy.

They can prescribe you special eye drops

If your eyes are sensitive because they have been exposed too long to the sun or other debris, then your optometrist can prescribe special numbing eye drops designed to not just hydrate your eyes but help relieve any pain and swelling as well. These drops are often soothing in nature and can be prescribed as part of a regular eye care routine regimen or to help you cope with a recent eye injury, infection, or even allergy situation.

They can recommend special lenses

If your eyes are sensitive to the wind or the sun, your optometrist can prescribe special lenses to help block out the sun's UV rays. Special sunglasses can be prescribed as well to help you see when you have to be outside. Transition lenses can be put in glasses to further help your vision so you don't have to switch between sunglasses and regular glasses as part of your day.

In addition to being able to prescribe you special lenses for your eye health and vision needs, your optometrist can also prescribe special glasses or goggles. If you need special eyewear to help you see, such as snow or scuba goggles, let your optometrist know. They will be able to assist you in getting the special eyewear you need so your sensitive eyes can be protected and be able to see in all types of elements and conditions.

Living with sensitive eyes can be a struggle. Allow your optometrist to assist you in not only keeping your vision and eye health in check, but your sensitive eyes protected as well. If you experience any vision issues or infections, seek an eye exam right away.

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