How Often Should You Update Your Glasses?

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If you wear glasses or other kinds of vision protection, you may have found yourself wondering how often you really need to update your lenses or buy a new pair. If you know that your glasses are getting a bit older and you're not sure if you need new ones or not, check out this simple guide for advice.

Glasses Damage

One of the main reasons why you should seek out new glasses is if any damage has been done to your existing glasses. This can mean serious damage to the frames or lenses, as well as more minor damage that makes it difficult to see clearly. Any scratches or peeling of coatings on the lenses will make it more difficult for you to see, which will lead to more squinting and so on. In this case, you need a new pair in order to protect your eyes. In other words, if you feel like you aren't seeing as clearly as usual, it's time to visit an eye doctor.

New Prescription

What's more important than getting new glasses? Getting a new prescription and having your eyes examined.

Everyone should have their eyes examined on a regular basis, just like how you go in for your regular physical with your general physician. But many people neglect their eyes and end up finding out too late that they've developed a condition that could impair their sight.

By visiting your eye doctor at least once a year to find out if you need a new prescription, you can help to ensure that you're not wearing old glasses that won't serve your eyes well.

Ask a Doctor

Last but not least, you should consider talking to an eye doctor about this. Every single person's eyes are different, and therefore, their needs are different. For example, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, it can impact your vision. For this reason, your eye doctor might want you to come in more often than someone who doesn't have those conditions.

In addition to that, however, you can actually ask your eye doctor to check your glasses for you. They can determine whether or not you're wearing the right prescription and also examine the glasses for any damage that might make them break down or could be causing you to squint right now. 

Don't put off seeing an eye doctor. If you're not sure if you need glasses right now, the best way to find out is to make an appointment and ask. Contact a provider of glasses in your area to learn more.

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