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There are many concerns you want to keep in mind with regards to your eyes. You want to get in for your routine eye exams and always do your best to protect your eyes when they are put in a position where they can be in danger. For example, wear sunglasses with good UV protection when out in the daylight and always wear protective goggles when working around anything that can fly in the air, leading to an eye injury. Also, learn about cataracts, so you know their symptoms. You can find out more information about cataracts by reviewing the content that has been provided to you here.

What is a cataract?

A cataract happens over a period of time and is the clouding of your lens inside of your eye. It is a common occurrence that tends to affect people as they age. The lens is the part of your eye that helps with the focusing of light or an image on your retina. When the cataract clouds the inside of your lens, it will affect the way that you see, making it more difficult for you to see things clearly, whether they are close up or far away.

What are some cataract symptoms?

Some of the symptoms of a cataract can include blurry vision, light sensitivity that especially includes extreme sensitivity to direct lights like headlights, extreme farsightedness, and problems with your depth perception. Another symptom of a cataract is one that can be noticeable to others, and it is a change in the color of your pupil; it changes to more of an off-white color.

Can cataracts be prevented?

There isn't anything that you can do to prevent the onset of cataracts, even if you already know that you are genetically more likely to get them due to your family history. Also, once they begin to develop, there is no way to slow down their progression. Once you have cataracts, your only true option of getting rid of them is to follow through with having cataract surgery to remove them.

Can both eyes be taken care of at one time?

If you have cataracts in both of your eyes, then you will need to undergo two separate surgeries. Normally, these surgeries will be scheduled close together, meaning they will often be scheduled about a week or two apart. This will give you a chance to heal up from the first surgery before getting the second, so you will still be able to function after each surgery.

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