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A Clear View When you open your eyes in the morning, you enjoy a fresh look at the world around you. If you want to protect your eyes and ensure you always get to enjoy that wonderful morning view, then you really need to see an optometrist regularly. These eye doctors will assess your vision, detect issues early on, and recommend glasses or contacts, if needed, to ensure you're able to see sharply. The work of optometrists is important and meaningful, and we are happy to honor it on this website. Read the articles we've collected for more insight into this world of vision.

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Three Things That May Be Making You Teary-Eyed

Anything that gets in the way of your day can be a nuisance, including having tears constantly gathering in your eyes or worse yet, streaming down your face. If you're de

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Do You Need An Eye Exam? Signs It's Time

Your eyes and your vision need to be cared for, and the health of both should be maintained in order to see clearly each and every day. Over time, your vision can change

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Preparing For Cataract Surgery: What You Need To Know

If you've recently been diagnosed with severe cataracts, your eye doctor has likely recommended surgery to remove the cataracts and improve your vision. If you're feeling

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Taking A Nervous Or Fearful Child To The Eye Doctor

If your child has been complaining that they cannot see the board clearly at school, or if they have been sitting increasingly close to the television lately, they should